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TrakMat is a 1/2" thick polyethylene mat made from 100% recycled material, and is used to support heavy equipment on ground or turf.  Polyethylene is very flexible and will hold up to 60,000 pounds.  Use with all kinds of vehicles (no steel tracks). 

The mats are UV protected and not affected by hot or cold.  The light colored mats stay cool and are manufactured in convenient sizes to fit the job.  We recommend the width of the mat should be at least 1/3 wider than the widest tire on the vehicle, so the driver can stay on the mat and the load can be distributed to the ground.  Hand cutouts are provided to assist lifting the mat.

TrakMats will not absorb water, will not dry rot and are not affected by oil, gas, or other chemicals.  No more heavy, wet, rotten, broken, slippery plywood!  Guaranteed against cracking and breaking for 3 years from the date of purchase.  To clean, simply wash with water. 

Light-Cool Green Mats

Item                     size                1 - 9, ea.      10 or more

TM2296      22¼" x 96" x ½"      $150.30         $135.27                                
TM3696      36" x 96" x ½"         $274.20         $246.78

TM4496      44½" x 96" x ½"      $289.20         $260.82

 Black  Mats (for use in mud conditions or where damage to lawns is not a concern):

Item                      Size                   1- 9, ea.     10 or more
TM2296B      22¼" x 96" x ½"       $123.00        $110.70
TM3696B      36" x 96" x ½"          $221.00        $198.90

TM4496B      44½" x 96" x ½"       $233.20        $209.88