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Lucas Mills

Optional Attachments and Extras


Planing Disc

This attachment enables operators to achieve a

superior finish on boards and slabs.

Fitting on to the output shaft of any circular

blade model, this attachment can be used on

site with no requirement for electricity.

Sanding Disc

Fitting on to the output shaft of any circular swing

blade Lucas Mill, this attachment is an ideal follow

on from the Planing Disc. For super smooth timber

for furniture making and the like, this attachment is

a great option.

Weather Board Attachment

To cut weatherboards, this attachment is available on all models.

Framework Upgrades

Side Shift Winder

This feature comes as a standard inclusion on all models apart from the Model 6-16 and Dedicated Slabbers. The SSW can be retrofitted to any Lucas Mill.

2-meter Extension Kit
This addition allows operators to achieve an 8-meter cutting length, without compromising the portability of the machine.

Mill made with 8-meter tracks

Customers can elect to have their machine built with 8m rails, rather than the standard 6m rails.

This is an alternate option to purchasing a 2-meter extension kit, however it can in some cases make the machine a little less portable, depending on the owner’s vehicle. The overall cutting length of the Lucas Mill is only limited by the tree itself, with multiple rails able to be linked together in sequence.

Servicing Kits and Extras

Re-tipping Kit

For those keen to do their own servicing, or who may like the convenience of not having to use a saw doctor, re-tipping jigs are available to suit all blade sizes.

Sawblade Carry Case

A great way to protect each of your blades from any unnecessary damage in storage or transit.

Available to suit ALL blade sizes.

Log Chocks

Available in a set of 4, these simple devices ensure that your log remains secure on bearers during milling. Using log chocks will also help you to achieve maximum timber recovery.

Lucas Slabber Chain Sharpening Jig

This simple and easy to use jig is a must have for Lucas Slabber operators. Designed to cater for a range of chain sizes, this tool enables easy and accurate chain maintenance.

Cant Hook

This handy implement can be used to assist with rolling logs into position ready to be milled into boards and slabs.