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AM Machinery was founded in 1982. At the very beginning the main activities of the company were the sale and repair of tractors and farm machinery. In 1990 the company added to its list of products the stretch-o-matic, the continuous wrapper for round hay bales that was the first to be manufactured in North America. This machine is endowed with a technology specially studied to meet the needs of silage dairy farmers and beef breeders.

​In 2003 the company produces three models of packaging machines for three hay bales trailer has hydraulic toggle tool holders that are installed on a tractor of a wood splitters quality of our animals and feeders other products.

The STRETCH-OMATIC® easy to use, fast, reliable and requires minimal maintenance. More importantly, the coater STRETCH-O-MATIC®vous provides excellent productivity of your herd by providing access to a higher quality forage throughout the year and at a very reasonable cost.

At AM Machinery we manufacture tubular coating machines since 1990. The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority. By purchasing a Stretch-O-Matic you are sure to get the best wrapper on the market. Our manufacturing experience, coupled with our commitment, allow you to enjoy a higher quality product.

For round bales 140 BALES per hour capacity

Model                     ​          7500                            8400

Working length                  18 '9"                          18' 9''

​Transport length               16 '11"                        16' 11''

​Height                                 8 '6"                           9' 4''

​Width                                  8 '6''                            9' 4"

Weight                              2790lbs                    2960lbs

2 wheels                 Both have (11L 15)   (18.5 x 8.5 x 8)

Round Bale size​           50'' x 66''                   60" x 66"

Stretchable Film Roles           Each model has 2

Film Stretcher                   Each model has 30'' x 64%


Front wheel drive

Remote control

Electric starter

Road light

Working light​​​​​​​

Model                        8400 Elite                    9600 Elite

Working Length​             21' 9"                           21' 9"

Transport Length            9' 4"​                            17' 5"

Height                             9' 4"                              10'​

Width                              9' 4"​                             10' 7"

Weight                         4000lbs                       4320lbs​

Wheels            Both models have 2 (11L 15) (​18.5 x 8.5 x 8)

Bale Size                       Both models have all sizes​

Round                           5' x 5.58'                         6' x 6'​

Square                          60" x 68"                         6' x 6'​

Stretchers​                           2                                   3

Power pack                     13 HP                           16 HP ​


Working light​​​

Square and round bale wrapping

The stretch-o-matic is specifically designed to wrap the big square bales sideways in continuous rows.  It will wrap any size aware bale up to 72 inches in length and any size round bale.  Available in manual or automatic models.

Two or three film stretchers depending of the model for speed

Potting hoop applies multiple layers of plastic stretch film from three rolls of standard 30 inch stretch film.

Full automation

The stretch-o-matic has full electronic automation.  It does not require an operator as wrapping is activated by remote control. This machine has a self contained hydraulic steering and front wheel traction.   ​​  ​​​


The tubular packaging of large bales of silage has become an economic solution when replacement must preserve the dried chopped hay or silage. We can produce food for high quality livestock through minimal investment in equipment. The crop is cut, dried and packed tightly in a stretch plastic wrap.


After sealing the end, the tubular wrapper only surrounds the circumference of the bale while the individual packing envelope the ends of each ball. A film economy is thus achieved at least 60%.


On average, the model 7500-230 manual coats 70 bales per hour, while the automatic model with two plastic stretchers can be coated 140 bales per hour.

The Stretch-O-Matic is available in manual and automatic version and many options can be added to suit your needs.

Model                                  TAC-14              TAC-20

Round Bale ​(dia. x width)

             ​4x4 ft.                        14                        20

             4x5 ft.                         8                         11

             5x5 ft.                         8                         11


Length                                    34'                        34'

Vacuum tranport width          102"                     102"

Adjustable guides             94'' to 118"          94'' to 118"

Height                                    47"                        47''

Plunger stroke                        6'                           6'

Weight                               8700lbs                  8950lbs

Tire Ply                     550/45-22.5 16ply        550/45-22.5 16ply

Axle diameter                         3''                            3''

Capacity                          40,000 lbs              40,000 lbs


Swivel Coupler                     Yes                         Yes​   

Road Lights                          Yes                         Yes

Manual crick                         Yes                         Yes

Hydraulic Crick.                Optional                  Optional

Brakes                              Optional                   Optional

Round Bale Handlers

Auto Load Round Bale Handler